The Westmoreland County Medical Society is a professional organization for physicians who live or work in Westmoreland County. Physicians members come from all specialties and are either osteopathic or medical doctors. All of our members are affiliated with the Pennsylvania Medical Society and many are associated with other state and national professional organizations.

Our Society was developed to establish friendly relationships among physicians and with the general public. We want to promote and enlighten public opinion with regard to the many important problems that still exist with regard to public health so that the profession shall become more useful to the public in the prevention and management of disease. Our physicians work to prolong and add comfort to life.

Our association advocates the professional interests of all physicians in Westmoreland County and strive to provide a forum for interaction with health care systems, insurers, media, and other health agencies. We support the advancement of medical science, high standards for medical education and excellence in regional public health.

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